Beauchamp Falls
Top stuff.
An inspiration since 1994. And a damn nice chap.
the online home of lawrence english and his superb record label.
Robert Henke (aka Monolake) makes beautiful electronic masterpieces on his laptop in Berlin -- check out his web site and take a listen to his super-cool remix on the new B(if)tek album too!
  The Emergency
These kids are the coolest all-live lo-fi electro band anywhere! Yes, really.
Qua is lovely.
Pretty Boy Crossover make some of the most complex and amazing music you could ever hope to hear.
  The Herd and Elefant Traks
Good people with good politics.
  Boards of Canada
When only the best will do.
  Wes Anderson
A damn fine filmmaker.
For bedtime reading
  David Foster Wallace stuff
One of the B(if)tek girls harbours a serious crush on this guy. No, really. DFW is one of the greatest footnote writers of the late 20th century.